The Beach Boys, “Pet Sounds”

The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”

In 1961, an American rock band, by the name of The Beach Boys, was formed in Hawthorne, California.    The band consisted of brothers Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, cousin Mike Love, and close friend Al Jardine.  The Beach Boys, which were managed by Murry Wilson, signed with Capital Records in 1962. The vocals and harmonies of this band were remarkable, and their songs gained focus to the Southern California youth generation of love, cars, and of course, surfing.  The Beach Boys accomplished a great amount of success through the type of music, especially through their sophomore album, Surfin’ USA , which placed number 2 on the US Billboard 200 Albums Chart.



The man behind the sound of The Beach Boys is Brian Wilson.  He was the leading songwriter of the band, and also the band’s chief producer and arranger.  Brian Wilson wrote and accompanied other composers in writing many Top 40 hits for the band.  In 1966, Brian Wilson produced the greatest album of all time, which is entitled Pet Sounds.  Brian Wilson created this album from the listening of The Beatles, Rubbersoul.  After Wilson listened to this album his exact words were, “It felt like it all belonged together. Rubber Soul was a collection of songs…that somehow went together like no album ever made before, and I was very impressed. I said, “That’s it. I really am challenged to do a great album.”


What set Pet Sounds apart from other popular 1960’s recordings were the instrumentations, which include the expertise of an orchestra, and arrangements, which would be the melodies that were played through the bass lines. Paul McCartney from the popular band, The Beatles, comments about the song, “You Still Believe In Me,” as “comes surging back in these multi-colored harmonies…sends shivers up my spine,” could not be stated any clearer as to how I, an upcoming music producer, view this creative work.  It has indeed opened my eyes and ears to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating greatness.






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