The Beatles, “Revolver”

The Beatles, “Revolver” 

When I hear the words, “The Beatles,” I automatically think of four guys from England that are definitely music legends.  As I stated, The Beatles were a rock band from Liverpool England, which was formed in 1960.   The band consisted of John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and of course Paul McCartney.  This band experimented in all genres of music, such as pop ballads, classical, and psychedelic rock. The Beatles have gained recognition being the best selling band in the United States, having more number one albums on the British charts, and in 2008, the band surpassed Billboard magazine’s list of the all time most successful “Hot 100” artists.  These, of course, are just a few of awards that they have achieved.

When The Beatles first hit the scene in the 60’s, they presented to the world their creative musical skills of rock and roll. In December 1965, they released their sixth studio album, Rubber Soul, which was a folk rock album. This album also incorporated soul and pop music styles. This album was cited as one of the greatest albums in music history, and ranked number five on the popular magazine, Rolling Stone, list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” The band indeed produced a great album; however, they continue to grow musically in songwriting and arrangements and released their seventh studio album, Revolver. This album was very different compared to The Beatles previous album.  Revolver consisted of electric guitar-rock sound, and less of the folk rock sound that inspired Rubber Soul.  After listening to this album, Revolver, one could clearly see how this album marked a new level in the band’s recording career.


The inspirations for the music and lyrical content of Revolver were not musical interest at all.  In fact, the lyrics to “She Said She Said” were from a conversation that John Lennon had with the actor Peter Fonda while under the influence of LSD.  Another non-musical interest, the rate of income tax, was also an influence for the song Taxman. The studio production of the album was quite unique.  On this album, The Beatles used for the first time automatic double tracking, which the use of two linked tape recorders to automatically create a double vocal track. Also, they developed a way of how to enhance the sound of their voice by routing a signal from the recording console into the studio’s Leslie speaker.  The Revolver album is definitely a work of art, and shows the quality of musicianship and the use of instrumentation.



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