Fantasy Band Project

Fantasy Band Project

The classic rhythm section that I chose is the famous rhythm section for Motown, which are The Funk Brothers.  The Funk Brothers consisted of the bandleader Joe Hunter and Earl Van Dyke, which played the piano and organ, Clarence Isabell, which played the double bass, James Jamerson, which played the bass guitar, Benny “Papa Zita” Benjamin and Richard “Pistol Allen, which played the drums, Paul Riser, which played the trombone, Robert White, Eddie Willis, and Joe Messina, which played the guitar, and Eddie “Bongo” Brown, which played the percussion.   The main performer of this fantasy band would be Al Green.  I would also add another musician from the Miles Davis Second Great Quintet, Herbie Hankcock.  The particular style of music that this band would create is rhythm and blues and funk.

funk-brothers       Al Green - Very Best Of

As I think about the creativity of the artist and band, one particular song that I would like to record with The Funk Band and Al Green would be Marvin Gaye’s song, “Heard Through the Grapevine.”  This song is full of rhythm and soul, and would be carried out gracefully through Al Green.  Also, The Funk Band sound is filled with funk and soul, and this would be the precise sound for the particular song.  As the producer of the piece of art, I would add more instrumentation to the composition, which would give it more of a live sound to it.

If I would rename the band to help people relate to the story of this project, I would rename it The Sound of Soul Band.  This is due to the emotional sound of the main performer and the band that would be accompanying the singer.  The marketing strategies would be of today’s technology.  I would definitely use all musical distribution websites such as Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, etc.  I would also promote the album by using social network as well.  This will definitely reach the intended audience that I am trying to reach, as well using the network to promote concerts, videos of the song, and other advertisements of the great project.


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